A used standard in the US is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. The company Akmovital is specialized in the distribution of high quality nutritional products and health supplements. All by the manufacturer developed orthomolecular products have been carefully processed, are hypoallergenic and contain no preservatives and sweeteners. Learn about the importance of enzymes and how you can support the self-healing powers of your body. Akmovital will help you with the implementation of the supplements in your daily medical practice. We are happy to arrange an appointment for this.

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Allerazym 39,90€
DG-Zym 45,90€
REX-Zym 34,90€
Nattozym-K 49,90€
Gluten DG-Zym 39,90€
Lypozym 37,90€
Repairzym+SP 46,90€
VR-Zym 49,90€
DMSO Creme 36% 29,00€
DMSO Gel 50% 34,50€
DMSO Gel 70% 39,00€
Wärme-Arzneipflaster 79,95€
IgA/IgG 96 allg. Lebensmittel 440,00€
IgA/IgG 96 veg. Lebensmittel 460,00€
IgG 96 allg. Lebensmittel 290,00€
IgA 96 allg. Lebensmittel 320,00€

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